Dare Devil Work
Many of our competitors for the 2018 Melbourne Osaka Cup use social media as their main sources of keeping people
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State of Origin comes to sailing
ステート オブ オリジン シリーズ
With interstate rivalries at an all-time high, organisers of the Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race have decided to bring the
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Full start list for Osaka Race
The race organising committee were delighted to see almost all entrants in the 2018 Melbourne to Osaka yacht race meet
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Getting Your Health Onboard
Sailing non stop across the ocean for six weeks is no easy task. Consider all the preparations that have to
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You only Live Your Life Once
Back in April, exciting news came through from Hokko Osaka Yacht Club about the first Japanese entry in the Melbourne
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Two Handers take on Fremantle to Bali
In our fleet for 2018 as you no doubt know, we have a number of Jenneau Sunfasts lining up. Two
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Bound for Osaka
Negotiations by Melbourne Osaka Cup race organisers for a shipping container to be sent to Japan prior to the start
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Have you booked yet?
As the counter on the home page indicates, it’s now less than 300 days until the start of the 2018
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Morning Star’s all-girl Crew
When Jo Breen decided to enter her S&S 34 Morning Star in the Melbourne to Osaka double-handed yacht race, she
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Our New Website
Welcome to our new website. We hope you enjoy the fresh format which will streamline the way we bring information
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Big News from Hokko Club Osaka
Keiichirou Morimura named his brand new Dehler 38 “Bartolome” on Saturday April 15th and he’ll be lining up for the
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Virtual Race
A Melbourne to Osaka Cup Virtual race was conducted on Sailonline across April with a large fleet starting on April
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