Action in Every Corner


With only days to go until the first of our competitors get under way in the Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup 2018, there’s certainly a lot of activity around SYC. The club grounds are full of color as Osaka Cup flags fly. There are boats moored in every corner of the marina and so our camera caught only a small amount of the action as Competitors and Race Organizers alike complete tasks that they’ve worked years towards fulfilling.

On Saturday it was time to load the shipping container bound for Osaka. Across the day, crews arrived with their selected items which they’ll pick up at OHYC after completing the race.

At the same time, Elektra was lifted and it was the usual spray with the high pressure hose as the boat came out of the water. Elektra joined two or three of our competing boats that were already on the hard stand. One of those was Matrix Reloaded and it was a tough job to work out who the guy covered in blue and polishing the hull actually was. Turns out that it was co-skipper Aaron Haigh, who told us that with all the major jobs out of the way, this polishing task was one of the luxury items to complete.

With many crews away from home and staying on board, impromptu gatherings for meals are common. On Saturday night a BBQ with the trimmings was suddenly under way and quiet a few joined in for a pleasant evening.

The New website:


All the action isn’t taking place in Melbourne either. At OHYC things are certainly busy as well. A big ticket item this weekend was the launching of the new OHYC website. Club Committee member Hiroshi Horiuchi has been working away on the site for the past month and it went Live on Saturday afternoon. The site highlights the club’s activities and especially celebrates the Osaka Cup this month. Currently only in Japanese, the site will display English as well in the near future.

Other than the website, there was a lot going on around the Osaka Hokko club as well to prepare for the arrivals in the near future.

All of these stories have appeared on our Facebook page over the past week and as the race runs, much of the day to day news will appear there. A couple of other shots posted there from Monday were of Surfdude skipper Steve Ho and his Indian motorcycle and Nikki and Daniel doing some work on Runaway.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page if you can and we’ll try and keep the latest news on the site here as well.

サンダンス マリン メルボルン大阪CUP2018の1番最初のレース艇がスタートするまで残り数日になり、本当に多くの活動がここSYCで行われています。クラブのあちこちにカラフルな大会旗がはためき、マリーナ内のいたるところにレース艇が係留されています。レース参加者と運営が彼らの仕事を完成させるのに何年も費やした時間と比べれば、カメラが捉えたのはほんの一部です。


同時にElektraは上架されて高圧洗浄機で船底を洗いました。その後、艇はすでに上架していた2、3のレース艇と共に居並びました。その中の一つがMatrix Reloadedです。船底を研磨する彼は青く染められていて誰だか判別するのは難しい状況でしたが、彼こそ共同スキッパーのAaron Haighで、主要な準備はほぼ終了していて、この研磨作業が完了までの大仕事だよと話してくれました。

多くのクルーが家を離れボートで寝泊まりしているので、即興で集まって食事するのが当たり前になっています。土曜日には突然 BBQパーティーが催され、数人のクルー達が集まり楽しい時間を過ごしました。



これらのストーリーは全て過去一週間以内にFacebookページに掲載されました。日々のニュースの多くはここで紹介されます。これらの数ショットは月曜日にアップされました。インディアンバイクに乗るSurdudeのスキッパー、Steve Hoと、NikkiとDaniel夫婦がRunawayで作業している風景です。