Arcadia Withdraws due to Damage


Some very disappointing news has come through with the withdrawal of Arcadia, one of two Japanese entrants in the Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup.

Only a few days into their journey to the start line, Jukka and John ran into severe weather which caused substantial damage to the boat. Sails were badly damaged, regular communications were lost and their tracker disabled. Under difficult conditions they continued south, arriving at Chichi Jima on December 30th.

In an email on New Years Day to race organisers, disappointed skipper Jukka Hentunen wrote, ” Sadly we will not be able to continue further south and will return to Osaka when the boat can be sailed again”.

Jukka and John spent the New Year resting up after their ordeal. We wish them well in getting Arcadia back into shape for the journey back to Osaka.



元旦にレース運営に届いたEメールには、落胆した艇長のユッカ・ヘントゥネンによる 「悲しいことに私たちはこれ以上南に航海を継続できないので、ボートが再び帆走が可能になれば大阪に戻ります」 と書かれていました。

ユッカとジョンは彼らの試練の後、お正月を体を休めて過ごしています。 私たちはアルカディア号が日本に帰れる状態に戻るよう祈っています。