Ceramco on her Way

One boat we haven’t heard much about so far on the lead up to the race is Ceramco. Over the past couple of days, good news has come through that the Farr 68 is finally on her way to Australia, with this message being received from Co-skipper Cheryl Rayson as they set up to move through the Panama Canal.

We are currently in Colon at Shelter Bay Marina.  We were due to transit today but got cancelled due to a Pilot calling in sick, so they took our Pilot to put on a commercial vessel with priority.  We are now due to transit tomorrow into Gatun Lake to anchor overnight and then to Balboa. Garry has a couple of maintenance issues to attend to prior to departure for the longer trip back to Bundaberg. This photo is on the dock in Colon.

Now that Ceramco is heading our way, there are two vessels on our Tracker page to follow from our International entries. At the time of writing, Bartolome is making good progress and has arrived at Chichijima. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest news from her crew.

Another of our International boats Surfdude has made a successful journey south from Malaysia. Skipper Steve Ho said that the trip went well and he’s expecting to have the boat down in Melbourne by the end of December.

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