Hokko Osaka Gears Up

Melbourne to Osaka Race Organising committee member Julie Davis has just returned from a visit to Osaka where she reports that excitement within the Osaka Hokko Yacht Club is building with preparations well underway for the fleet arrival. Julie caught up with many friends at the Osaka Hokko Yacht Club, enjoying their hospitality and catching up on the latest news.

メルボルン-大阪 レースの運営委員のジュリー デービスが訪問先の大阪から帰って来ました。そして大阪 北港 ヨットクラブではレース船団を迎える準備が万端整っていると報告しました。
ジュリーは大阪 北港 ヨットクラブで大勢の友人達と会いました。そこで彼らのおもてなしを存分に味わい、最新の情報を得ました。


The support for local entrants Bartalome and Arcadia is strong, with a locally designed supporter shirt having been made which Julie proudly displays. Club members are all looking forward to their local crew’s arrival back in Osaka – that will be a party to remember. With only five months to go, down in Melbourne we’re looking forward to greeting the official delegation from Osaka in March 2018 and farewelling our fleet.