Keeping Body & Soul Together

With less than six months to the start of the Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup 2018, the rapidly diminishing timeline and other barriers have seen fleet numbers reduce to 29 boats. Sadly, a few competitors have suffered a blow with injury or illness with a recovery time which will rob them of the chance to compete in this iconic event.

The recent Webinar #5 was a timely reminder to competitors to start planning now to ‘keep body and soul together’ for the marathon event that lies ahead and beyond. Addressing considerations of personal well being with regards to shade and shelter, hydration and nutrition and seasickness alongside the psychological stresses of being called upon to manage the unexpected, requires a focus ‘now’ on team-building as well as shared goals and an investment in physical and emotional health, to ensure arrival at the start line next March informed, fit, fresh and ‘in sync’.

Dr Rosie Colahan, appointed Race Medical Officer and Osaka 2007 veteran, presented on medical issues requiring attention now. Rosie flagged the need for a GP checkup to assess current health status, the creation of an Action Plan for chronic medical conditions and to discuss regular and emergency medication. In addition, a Travel Consult to determine the need for immunisations and preventive medication is recommended.

A Dental Check is imperative now due to the potential for life threatening infections that can arise from dental issues which can require extended treatment times.

Clinical and organisational psychologist Darren Eger, who is also a keen sailor and World Sailing National Judge and Umpire, discussed the importance of developing a ‘psychological toolkit’ across the three phases of pre-race prep, the race itself and the post-race debrief. Darren discussed the importance of starting discussions now between co-skippers to agree on race objectives and explore issues of trust, predictability and resilience to ensure an understanding of individual ‘default’ positions to manage the unexpected.

With the arrival of boats in Melbourne prior to the race, an in-person ‘hands on’ update seminar will be held at Sandringham Yacht Club on 28 February 2018 covering use of medical kit contents, managing injuries and a review of an emotional well being plan. Please note that this seminar is an adjunct to and does not replace the NOR requirement for an up to date Senior First Aid certificate.

Prior to departure, all crews will also need to complete a Confidential Crew Medical Questionnaire to assist with management of any medical incidents that may arise whilst racing.

Further information regarding Medical Kit requirements (draft format), access to drugs for ship’s medical supplies and related information along with contact details for Rosie Colahan and Darren Eger is now available here on the website under Race Documents – Medical.

Make sure you Don’t miss the boat!