Rainman Water Maker

The fastest boat in the history of the Melbourne Osaka Cup made the journey in just under 27 days back in 1995. As we all know this trip has to be made non-stop and a great deal of it is through tropical and sub tropical zones, where temperatures and humidity soar. Taking enough water on board for a journey such as this can be a big concern for many crews. Of course there’s always the opportunity of catching rainwater along the way but if you ask anyone who’s been on sea voyage where water starts to become an issue, rain often seems elusive and having to worry about water consumption on a daily basis is something a crew is better off without. So the ability to turn sea water into fresh is a huge bonus.

The Rainman Water Maker does just that – and with ease. Glen from Go RV Marine set up a unit for us recently and demonstrated just how easy it is to make between 24 and 140 liters an hour depending on the type of unit and power source available. In the demonstration Glen outlines use of the unit for both installed and portable use and you’ll see just how easy it is to keep stocks of fresh water on board topped up.

It’s worth noting that Glen has a special offer available  to Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka 2018 competitors with $250 off any of the Rainman Desal systems and 6 months interest free payment if required. For details on pricing and the best product for your application contact Glen on 0499 199 336 or sales@gorvmarine.com.au