Sailing into the New Year

2018 is the year we’ve all been working towards for the Sundance Marine Melbourne Osaka Cup and it’s finally arrived. As happens every year in Australia, yachting becomes big news for a number of weeks and this year was as big as ever, with the Volvo Race activity in Melbourne adding to the excitement.

Of course by the time New Year rolls around, the races to Hobart have been run, so it’s then a matter of crews taking a break before one by one heading for home. Over this past week we’ve posted quite a few stories on our Facebook Page on this topic, as various skippers and members of crew let their followers know what they’re up to.

One we featured was Meltemi (pictured) who had completed a qualifying passage before Christmas from Melbourne to Sydney. With all the excitement in Sydney having subsided, Ian and Lyn set a course for home on January 5th, scheduling a stop at Eden on the way. Weather forecasts altered their plans and it was then their goal to make it to Refuge Cove to wait for the right conditions. After a night of strong westerly winds Meltemi finally arrived at Refuge Cove on the evening of the 7th.

Others that we’ve seen posts from following their races to Hobart have been Sibby aboard Dare Devil, always posting interesting shots and Rod from Maverick with his wife Mim on board for a leisurely trip back to Melbourne.


Bill has had a lot of photos to share as various elements of Matrix Reloaded’s preparation fall into place, while over in Adelaide and invitation has gone out for a farewell to be held in the near future for Daniel and Tom, just prior to them heading over to Melbourne aboard Runaway.

Life aboard Bartolome has settled into a regular routine as Kei San and Masa San make their way south, passing from the Solomon Sea into the Coral sea over the weekend.  They’ll arrive in Brisbane about Jan 11th, clear formalities and then head down to Melbourne.

Following the West Coaster, we were able to catch up with a number of our Double Handed crews for a chat, some of them for the first time. An interview with Jo and Peter from Morning Star was posted a few days ago, as well as an interesting interview with Mark from Mr Lucky, where he explained the origins of the name for the boat.